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Football Coaching Resources

Train your coaches
The single most important action a youth sports organization can take to enhance its program is to train its volunteer coaches. Encourage your organization to train their coaches. A Parent Orientation Program and Criminal Background Checks are also available.

Heat and Safety
Remember you practice at the hottest time of year, at the hottest time of day and often in the hottest parts of the country. Check out good information on preventing heat illness.Find out about heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke and the preventative measure you can take.

John T. Reed
Rating: 10/10
This is a very good website specifically targeting youth football coaches. It has information on offensive and defensive schemes, common mistakes of youth coaches, what equipment you should use and good insight on coaching each age differently. Youth coaches love his books.

Winning Youth Football
Rating: 10/10
Coach Dave Cisar teaches a time tested “Scoring Explosion” single wing offense. Check out his coaching tips and blog. Two articles all coaches should read are the best plays in youth football and the first week of practice. His book and CD provide practice plans, offensive and defensive philosophies and general coaching tips that have been proven to be successful at the youth level. Updated 7/28/08
Rating: 9/10
This website has compiled over 300 articles about youth football ranging from offense and defense to league administration. It also provides a message board for coaches to exchange ideas and schemes.

Resources For New Coach
Rating: (8/10)
Sometimes coaches forget that a young player may know very little about the game of football. Coaches of very young player need to start with the basic terms. Don't assume your young players know all the rules of football. These links should help you think in simple terms to explain football to your young players.

Added 08/21/2012 8 Man Football
This website offers unique 8 man football resources, including information on the differences between 8 and 11 man football. They also have several drills available for download that are unique to 8 man football such as smashing 8 man, 8 man's drop option, the freeze option, the ram option, and the lead option. Also included on the website are numerous 8 man football coaching resources.
Updated 8/21/12

Cyber Coach
Rating: 8/10
This is an all in one stop shop for youth coaches. Get information on schemes, playbooks, cheerleading, popular links and other websites and it even has an online football store where you can get equipment as well as books and tapes.

VI Football
Rating: 7/10
This site has an extensive collection of links. Offensive, defensive, and special teams plays and schemes are easy to find and use. Also offers strength and conditioning tips.

Rating: 7/10
This site provides playbooks for coaches who may need a little help in developing their offensive or defensive philosophies. One thing to guard against, choosing plays too advanced for the kids you are working with. Stay with the basics and you will be all right.

Football Referee
Rating: 6/10
Check out the what football hand signals (Word document download) and our page of sports official links.

Eteamz - Football
Rating: 6/10
This website has information on tips and drills, a chalk talk room for coaches to compare notes and several links to other sites that would be good for any coach to check out.

eHow to
Rating: 5/10
A site that can help you explain how to follow offensive linemen by watching the guards or a defense by watching the safeties.

How NFL Equipment Works
Rating: 4/10
This is now an ad heavy site but it can answer some question you might have. From the drop down Table of Contents check pages like Lots more information. It has links to other topics including the inside workings of college rankings and explanations to common terms.

Anderson's O-Line Quick Tips
Rating: 4/10
This site has useful drills and tips. Check out pass blocking, D-Line play and the extensive links page.

Play Football
Rating: 5/10
The NFL has created an interactive website for kids with information on the pro football teams, games and contests. Updated 7/30/07

Texas Football
Rating: 3/10
Dave Campbell's football site has very detailed information about high school, college, and NFL football that all fans could appreciate.

See a list of football books & videos in our library.

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